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Mold & Property Damage

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Mold and Property Damage
Should I have my home tested for Mold?If visible mold is present then it should be remediated. If mold is suspected but not visibly detectable then you should hire a professional that can perform an inspection including but not limited to moisture, temperature and humidity readings. After an inspection it may be necessary to collect air samples to reveal mold colonies and determine the extent of contamination throughout the building if any. This serves well to provide a written protocol that will properly get rid of your mold and its source. Sampling for airborne mold spores can also indicate whether the molds are typical of indoor/outdoor air or unusual at the time of testing.

Who should clean up the Mold?
You want a company who specializes and is certified in mold remediation. Not your local handyman or contractor. Clean Earth Restorations specializes in water and mold remediation and has the experience to handle your unique needs.

Mold Property Damage. Mold does two things: Damages property and makes people sick. Either way, mold is most dangerous when you can’t see it. Undetected mold often causes irreversible damage before it is discovered. Mold remediation can become impossible. The most common mistake people make is to assume that only visible mold is a problem. In vain, they attempt to wash mold with bleach or cover it with paint or wallpaper, only to have it come back worse than before. Bleach does not kill spores.

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