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Mold Inspections

Mold Inspections and Mold Testing

thumb-imgYour highly trained and certified mold specialist will conduct a comprehensive mold examination and mold testing of your home with a visual inspection. He or she will go through each room and every floor, including your basement and attic. They will look around the walls and floors near pipes, at your ceiling, at bubbling areas of wallpaper, near sinks and bathtubs and more. A moisture meter will be utilized which will pick up moisture levels behind a wall. In addition a thermal imaging camera is used to identify moisture in areas behind walls and in confined places. If we find mold, we will scrape the area for physical mold testing. In order to determine what type of mold you have, and what the best method for removal is, a certified lab will analyze the mold sample.

Physical mold inspections and testing can save a lot of time and money. Black mold found on the surface of your walls could be a simple case of a small, benign mold accumulation; or, it could indicate that there are colonies of toxic mold spores living behind your walls. Additionally, a green mold colony may not contain the toxic elements that create a serious health hazard, or it may. Mold testing helps you find out for sure allowing you and the contractor to come up with a plan for removing your home’s mold.

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After the physical examination is complete, your contractor will conduct airborne mold testing. Almost every home will have some airborne mold spores detected by a contractor. Mold testing allows a contractor to determine if the level of spores found in your home is dangerous or indicative of a larger problem. Your mold removal contractor, through his or her mold testing process, will help you determine whether or not the airborne spores found in your home pose a danger.

Believe it or not, there actually is an acceptable level of mold that can be present in your home. Since mold often grows rampant outside, contractors conducting mold testing understand that some of the airborne spores found in your home may be from an outdoor source. This testing will give you peace of mind as to the amount and type of mold that is in your home. Ultimately, mold testing gives you the knowledge you need and helps to prevent a possible mold pro.

Quest Air Mold Remediation takes various steps to insure that we mitigate your Mold problem. Mold mitigation is accomplished by the treatment of all the surfaces with a mold preventative; our specialized staff will ensure we treat your home or business in South Florida. We take the necessary steps to reduce the amount of humidity inside the building. Instead of adding a humidifier to the heating system, de-humidifiers should be used. Another step is to quickly clean up any flooding or water penetration, then treat the area with a mold preventative. We service all of South Florida, from Key West to West Palm Beach. Call Super Restoration today, because seconds matter!

Mold Testing

Comprehensive preliminary mold testing is recommended for residential or commercial properties if:

You or someone in your home feeling, “under the weather” every time you are in a particular area of your home? Is your nose running frequently, eyes watering, always feel tired or suffering from upper respiratory infections? Your ailments could be mold related. At Quest Air we offer several different forms of mold testing.

We specialize in air sampling, direct surface sampling (swab), or bulk lift testing. Once your mold test is performed, the sampling instrument used is sent to an independent laboratory. The lab will analyze the samples and send a detailed report outlining the type of mold found (allergenic or toxic) and the levels of the molds in your home.

Based on your lab analysis, we will either clear the home as being free from elevated mold exposure, or send a detailed estimate report to rid the area of the elevated mold levels. Don’t wait any longer! Call Quest Air Mold Remediation today for your homes mold testing.

There are visibly moldy areas that need attention. If these areas are open to clean areas or HVAC systems are exposed to the infected area, untreated contamination will possibly spread infestation throughout the property.

There are no signs of water damage or musty odors present, but occupants complain and present the potential for owner liability and lawsuits, e.g. landlord-tenant scenario.

More Information

For more information on mold contamination and its threat to your business, home and health, click to read two EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reports: Residential Mold Guide and Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings – 2001 document.

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