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Bathroom Fan Installation Services

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

bathroom vent installation

One of the wettest rooms in your house is your Bathroom, you shower in it, take baths in it, you wash up in it. So it does stand to reason that a primary area of mold would be your bathroom. So it is important to have a bathroom exhaust fan not just from the perspective of ridding the smells that comes from bathrooms, that’s something else we do in bathrooms that I did not mention before.

Our Recommendation

Our recommendation is that you run your bathroom fan for a time after you shower or bath to allow the walls to dry. Especially is that true in parts of the country that tend to be cold in the winter, when your windows are closed and there is very little air circulation. So the question is do you have a working bathroom fan made for the size of your bathroom? Is it properly working? Is it time for a new one? If you are handy then you could go to Youtube and figure it out below is an example of how to install one. But many of our customers rather not bother that is where we at Quest come in we will install a bathroom fan with the proper specs for your bathroom at a very reasonable rate we will also give solid recommendations on its use to prevent mold in your bathroom.

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